We conduct research

on behalf of our clients

It is our passion for technology that drives us to lay the foundations for exciting new products with our research work. We spare no effort to always stay at the latest state of the art. Both constant postgraduate training and a hands-on mentality help us to discern technological trends and give us a strong sense for innovation in software engineering.

Machine Learning

We develop tailor made machine learning solutions for our customers based on state of the art algorithms. We employ recurrent neural networks and modern visualisation tools, combined in our in-house developed toolkit, allowing us to quickly adapt to the needs of our customers. 

Indoor Positioning Systems

Another key aspect of our research lies in the field of indoor positioning systems – a field in which we see great potentials for the further technological improvement of daily routines. We leverage these potentials by using location-based marketing and location-based recommendations to develop new business models and processes that provide specific added value for our clients in the hybrid retail sector. 

The research basis for your Project

We provide the technological know-how required to realize your project. In order to do so, we first invite you to share your thoughts with us. Having grasped the idea, we will explore the technical implementation opportunities and advise you on how to get the most out of the latest technologies available. Closely involving several lead users, we develop a prototype and – by constantly taking user feedback into account – find the ideal solution for your project. Close client communication, accurate research and lean project management methods are essential.